If you´re here is because you feel a bit curious about me

I like being mysterious, maybe because of my shyness. This is why  I´ll introduce myself briefly.

I´m Willsurvive, due to my will and my survival instincts to make my skills fit in many professional environments.

I mostly do illustrations and 2D/3D art for video games and apps. I´ve worked in the fashion, education, videogames and production sectors.

My beginnings are based on the fine arts and graphic design, which imbue all my works.

Getting to the point, I design characters, 3D sculpt and modelate,  texturize, develop visual styles for any project and much more.

Therefore my primary tools are Photoshop and Zbrush. Also Maya, Substance, Topogun, 3DF Zephyr, Playmaker for Unity, Illustrator.

And I love what I do. Thus I do much more.